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Love and romance in 2024 looks a bit different with the rise and prominence of artificial intelligence (AI). 

New AI-powered dating applications have emerged, where sophisticated algorithms match partners in a semi-dystopian version of online dating with slogans like “technology meets romance.”

Others are using the technology to enhance online profiles with AI-written bios or using AI speech coaches to help facilitate smoother conversations and land a date.

In August 2023, the popular dating app Tinder, with more than 75 million users worldwide, released an AI-powered feature that helps determine the best photos to use on their profile. Bernard Kim, the CEO of Tinder’s owner, Match Group, told the Guardian that he believes AI could help build “better, more efficient” profiles.

Single women in China have even turned to AI as an alternative to men, with some women even calling their digital boyfriends “better than real men.”

As AI continues to make its mark in the world of romance, we decided to put it to the test.

This Valentine’s Day, we asked both Google’s Gemini — formerly known as Bard — and OpenAI’s ChatGPT for relationship advice. The two chatbots were asked the same questions, and we compared the answers to see which chatbot could give the best advice. 

In both instances, the free, publicly available version of the chatbots was used to generate results.

Question #1: How do you find a good partner?

For those still looking for their Valentine, we asked AI what singles should do to attract a good partner. 

In both instances, the chatbots focused on looking inward and fostering a good sense of “self-awareness” and “clear communication.” Google’s Gemini appeared slightly more realistic in its advice by saying:

“Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula for finding a ‘good’ partner, as what makes someone a good fit for you is highly personal and depends on what you value in a relationship.”

It made suggestions, such as self-reflection, open-mindedness, participating in online platforms and expanding social circles. Given that the free version of Gemini can search the web, whereas ChatGPT cannot, it also provides links to psychology websites for further reading on “how to find love.” 

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Google Gemini AI chatbot’s advice for finding the perfect match. Source: Google Gemini/Cointelegraph

ChatGPT cut right to the chase, offering its tips, though it ended with a bit of wisdom, saying it is: “a journey that requires patience, self-awareness, and open-mindedness. It is also important to recognize that a healthy relationship takes effort from both parties and requires ongoing communication and commitment.”

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OpenAI ChatGPT chatbot’s advice for finding the perfect match. Source: OpenAI  ChatGPT/Cointelegraph

It offered similar advice to Gemini, without external links, advising users to know themselves, keep an open mind and have clear communication, among other things. 

Question #2: What are three keys to a healthy relationship?

For those already in a relationship, we asked the chatbots what are three keys to maintaining a healthy relationship. This answer proved almost identical in Gemini and ChatGPT, as both said “communication,” “mutual support and empathy,” and “emotional intimacy and trust.”

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However, once again, Gemini provided unsolicited information as “additional points to consider” from the three keys asked of it.

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Google Gemini AI chatbot’s additional pointers for maintaining healthy relationships. Source: Google Gemini/Cointelegraph

Until this point, Gemini’s answers have been more interactive and involved than those provided by ChatGPT. Its ability to search the web could be a major factor, as the free version of ChatGPT does not have this feature and is limited to its training data, which stopped in January 2022. 

Question #3: How do I add romance to my love life this Valentine’s Day?

Lastly, when the chatbots were asked about ways to spice up Valentine’s Day for a special someone, both offered almost identical advice in the form of a long listicle.

The AI bots included basic tips such as planning a date, creating a romantic atmosphere and being adventurous and spontaneous.

Once again, Gemini went above and beyond by offering specific examples of “meaningful gestures” partners could do for each other and signed off with a “Happy Valentine’s Day” wish.

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Both chatbots efficiently answered questions involving dating and romance, though Gemini continuously proved to offer additional and real-time information. 

What do you think about the use of AI in romance? Have you used AI in your romantic pursuits? Write to us and let us know at [email protected]

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