Apple yet to remove fake Rabby Wallet app as users report being drained


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A fake version of Rabby Wallet, a crypto wallet app, has been reportedly wreaking havoc on unsuspecting users of the Apple App Store.

On Feb. 16, the team behind DeBank’s Rabby Wallet confirmed that any app currently listed on the store is fake, as its official app is currently under review.

The imposter app currently appears on the App Store under “Rabby Wallet & Crypto Solution” by a company called “Solution Development,” with version history showing it has been listed on the store for at least four days. 

However, the app appears to remain despite a chorus of users reporting the imposter app to Apple. 

A concerned user going by the name ‘manolodf’ started a thread on Reddit on Feb. 18 to warn others about the fake wallet app. They posted the same thread on the Apple discussion board, sharing screenshots from users who had lost funds to the malicious app.

“This is insane and should NEVER happen on Apple Ecosystem, how does a counterfeit Crypto Wallet make it on the app store that just steals their money by posing as the real one,” they asked.

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Screenshot of fake Rabby wallet app. Source: Apple App Store

One victim said they were “scammed for about $5,000 from this fraudulent app this morning. I have raised a support case with Apple to see if there’s any means of reimbursement as the app has been reported multiple times prior.”

“I’ve just lost 10% of my portfolio due to a fake Rabby_io application from the Apple store,” lamented another on X.

NFT collector ‘bthemouth’ reported their wallets were drained by the fake Rabby app after it imported their seed phrase. The user shared an address allegedly belonging to the hacker, which contained just under 14 ETH worth around $40,000 at the time of writing.

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This is not the first time a fake Rabby wallet has made it on the App Store. The app appeared on the App Store in October last year and again in December, according to alerts by the Rabby team at the time.

In a similar case, on Feb. 14, it was reported that a fake Curve Finance app was discovered and listed on the Apple App Store.

Last year in November, Cointelegraph reported that almost $600,000 was stolen by a fake Ledger Live app that had infiltrated Microsoft’s app store.

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