Binance, a leading blockchain ecosystem and infrastructure provider, hosted the “Women in Blockchain” event in Manila in collaboration with Yield Guild Games (YGG) to celebrate gender equality and empower more women to pursue a career in Web3. The event brought together female representatives in the Philippines’ Web3 space to share insights, network, and discuss the opportunities that Web3 offers women globally.

Binance Empowers Women in the Web3 Industry

As an industry leader, Binance aims to increase the freedom of money globally by bringing more diversity to the crypto ecosystem. Binance seeks to empower all crypto-curious women to become crypto-fluent through a range of ongoing initiatives and events. At the “Women in Blockchain” event, Kenneth Stern, General Manager of Binance in the Philippines, emphasized the importance of providing more support for women entering the Web3 space, and Binance’s Marketing Director, APAC, Prayer Trairatvorakul, delivered an insightful keynote, discussing how companies can encourage inclusivity to enable more women to enter the industry.

Creating Space for Women in the Web3 Industry

Other female speakers at the event shared their experience working in Web3 and how they have been building their career in this male-dominated space. They highlighted the effectiveness of women in leadership roles and advised women to seek out companies that value their strengths and create a safe and inclusive space for everyone.

Binance Commits to Increasing Female Representation in Web3

Binance has committed to increasing the number of women active and employed in Web3 by investing in women-focused education and mentorship initiatives. Binance has invested more than $2 million to support women in over 10 countries worldwide and donated $2 million to fund over 36,000 dedicated Web3 scholarships for women in 2022. The scholarships were awarded to women in Germany, Nigeria, Kenya, Brazil, France, South Africa, Australia, and Ukraine. In the Philippines, Binance Academy has teamed up with to introduce the Binance Scholar Philippines Web 3.0 Scholarship.

Binance Committed to Increasing Female Representation in the Workforce

Binance was co-founded by Yi He, one of the few female founders in the crypto industry, and the company has created its first formal internship and graduate programs, offering more access to careers in crypto for diverse talent, including women. The company also offers guidance and career advice to women through mentorship programs, talent workshops, educational courses, and lectures to help women break into a career in Web3.