On March 1, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, announced the beta launch of Bicasso, a non-fungible token (NFT) platform that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The initial test release was limited to 10,000 mints.

Combining AI and NFTs

Bicasso is the latest AI-centric product to emerge in 2023, following OpenAI’s ChatGPT and several AI-driven art programs such as Nightcafe, DALL-E, Starry AI, Jasper, and Deep AI. The platform aims to allow users to transform their creative visions into NFTs using AI.

AI-Assisted NFT Creation

Bicasso permits users to input descriptive prompts for the AI to utilize when creating NFTs. Additionally, users can upload photos of people, animals, or landscapes to merge with the AI-generated images. CZ, in his Twitter thread, encouraged users to share their AI creations while others reported encountering a busy system error message.

Product Test Closed

Binance has since closed the initial test of the new AI-powered NFT creator. Interested users may join a waitlist to use Bicasso. Some users expressed disappointment at missing out on the limited mint run.