In a surprising turn of​ events, Apple has lifted the ban on Epic Games’ iOS ⁤developer account ‌just⁣ a ⁣day after it was imposed. This​ move by the tech behemoth ⁣ allows ‍the ‍ game developer to ⁤continue with its plans for a third-party App Store.

The Lead-Up

This abrupt reversal follows a lengthy legal battle between Apple and Epic Games‍ over alleged monopolistic behavior in Apple’s App ‍Store policies. ⁢Apple had previously deemed Epic as “verifiably untrustworthy” and suspended its account on March 6.

Interestingly,⁢ the ban was enforced just a day before the European Union’s Digital Markets Act came into​ effect. This new legislation requires Apple to ‌allow users to access third-party app‍ stores on iOS​ within the EU. Epic Games had plans to launch their own app store on iOS under this new regulation, which could have led to the ‌reintroduction of Fortnite on iOS, after its ban in 2020.

The Turnaround

Apple’s decision⁤ to rescind the ban is likely influenced ⁢by the ⁤risk of potential penalties and heightened legislative scrutiny. ‌European Commissioner Thierry⁤ Breton has taken credit for Apple’s‌ change⁤ in‌ stance.

Following Apple’s⁤ decision, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney declared victory. He stated, “The ⁢DMA faced its first major ⁣test with Apple banning Epic Games Sweden from competing with the App Store, and‌ the DMA just had its first major victory. Following a swift inquiry ‍by the ​European Commission, Apple informed the Commission ​and Epic that it would‍ relent and restore our access to ​bring back Fortnite and ⁢launch​ Epic⁢ Games Store in Europe under the DMA law.”

Epic Games now serves as a pivotal test case‌ for the EU’s new regulatory ⁣framework. The region’s‍ proactive approach has quickly influenced Apple’s policy⁤ decision. ⁣

Epic Games’ update on the situation is available below. ⁤