In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and finance, four visionary leaders are pioneering innovation across various sectors. From promoting diversity in tech to revolutionizing cryptocurrency storage, tokenizing physical assets, and expanding digital asset infrastructure, their groundbreaking efforts are shaping the future of their industries and inspiring a new generation of innovators.

Empowering Female Leadership in Tech: Manuela Seve’s Journey

manuela seve
Manuela Seve, CEO and co-founder of

Manuela Seve, originally from Brazil and now a prominent tech entrepreneur in Los Angeles, has been instrumental in building a community for female founders and funders over the last decade. She has a newsletter with over 25,000 subscribers and was named one of Bloomberg’s 100 Influential Latinos in 2022. Seve has contributed to panels at TechCrunch Disrupt, L’Attitude, and NFT NYC, saying, “Advocating for women’s leadership has been my lifelong commitment.”

As the CEO and co-founder of, a tech company with a primarily female team, Seve addresses the tech industry’s diversity gap. This year, introduced a worldwide Passport program to boost visibility for events, brands, and communities. She collaborated on Crypto Bros, a game underscoring Web3’s diversity issues. From Venice Beach, she organizes events for women entrepreneurs, drawing significant interest. “Feeling constrained by societal norms in Brazil,” Seve ventured into finance, eventually founding to empower women and minorities.

Seve’s journey reflects a deep commitment to making a positive impact and fostering representation in tech. She has raised over $2 million in venture funding, crediting her success to perseverance and innovative networking strategies, notably using a tool called Duxsoup to connect with investors. “Trust the process,” she advises, emphasizing the importance of sharing progress and building a reputation as a dedicated founder., under Seve’s leadership, connects physical and digital assets through blockchain, addressing authenticity and community engagement challenges. Seve’s work showcases her as a thought leader in blockchain and a passionate advocate for diversity and sustainability in business, inspiring a new generation of women to forge their own paths.

Crypto Security Innovation: Derek Rodriguez and Gridlock

derek rodriguez
Derek Rodriguez, Founder and CEO of Gridlock.

Derek Rodriguez, founder and CEO of Gridlock, shares his journey of transforming security worries into innovation with the creation of a user-friendly, non-custodial wallet. His vision for Gridlock is to democratize crypto security and accessibility, ensuring users maintain full control over their assets without compromising on convenience. Rodriguez’s work embodies his belief in blockchain’s potential to reshape society.

That restless night led to the inception of Gridlock, a user-friendly, non-custodial wallet designed to democratize crypto security and accessibility. Rodriguez saw the need to address the inherent complexities of self-custody, which, while revolutionary, demands a profound technological understanding and rigorous security practices. He observed how traditional financial institutions relieve consumers of certain risks, yet their limitations and inefficiencies underscore blockchain’s disruptive potential. “For blockchain to truly reach mass adoption, it must reconcile the need for security with ease of use,” he asserts.

Gridlock emerges as a solution at this crossroads, offering a non-custodial approach that marries advanced security features—such as Multi-Party Computation with Threshold Signatures and Social Verification—with the convenience consumers expect. This blend ensures users maintain full control over their assets without feeling isolated in their protection efforts.

Rodriguez passionately believes in blockchain’s capacity to transform society but recognizes the necessity for it to be approachable for the general public. “Gridlock is the missing piece,” he states, poised to facilitate this significant shift. Through Gridlock, Rodriguez aims to safeguard cryptocurrency investments with an innovative method that decentralizes private key access, addressing the acute vulnerabilities of conventional storage solutions. This pioneering approach makes Gridlock an essential player in enhancing crypto ownership for both individuals and institutions, promising a secure and user-friendly future.


Transforming Collectible Ownership: Marcus Franklin’s Vision with BlockCellar

marcus franklin
Marcus Franklin, Co-founder BlockCellar

Marcus Franklin, co-founder of BlockCellar, is revolutionizing the way physical collectibles are owned and traded through blockchain technology. BlockCellar differentiates itself with an open-architecture platform designed for scalability, unlike its peers that focus on curated offerings. Franklin highlights the significance of this approach, “We’re designed for scale, serving a broad range of exchanges, merchants, and producers.”

In a strategic move, BlockCellar has partnered with Bordeaux Index and Liv-Ex to tokenize their wine and spirits inventory on the blockchain. Franklin cites Rob McMillan’s warning about the wine industry’s decline due to its reluctance to adapt to changing market demands. “The industry must appeal to new generations or face a clear outcome,” Franklin notes, emphasizing the need to attract younger collectors through blockchain and Web3 technology.

BlockCellar aims to bridge the gap between wine producers and younger demographics by creating parallel allocation lists and leveraging blockchain for direct producer-to-consumer communication. “Millennials and Gen Zers expect engagement; our platform ensures that producers can maintain a connection with their product owners, fostering authentic communication,” Franklin explains.

The Boston Consulting Group projects the tokenization potential of physical assets to reach up to $64 trillion by 2030. Franklin sees enormous opportunity in tokenizing physical assets like wine, which requires regulatory coordination to ensure a unified framework for digital asset ownership. “As technologies evolve, so must our approach to regulation and mainstream adoption,” he asserts.

Looking ahead, BlockCellar plans to introduce features like collateralization, user-initiated spawning, fractionalization, DAOs for governance, and cross-chain transactions, further expanding the possibilities for physical asset ownership. Franklin concludes, “Our focus is on user experience and engaging regulators to foster well-crafted regulation, paving the way for blockchain’s application in solving real-world problems.”

Fostering Financial Inclusion: Igor Telyatnikov’s Crypto Crusade

igor telyatnikov headshot alphapoint 2
Igor Telyatnikov, CEO and Co-Founder, AlphaPoint

Igor Telyatnikov, CEO and Co-founder of AlphaPoint, has been a pioneer in the cryptocurrency space since 2013. With a keen eye on the industry’s evolution, he is optimistic about the current phase, particularly noting, “This is a very exciting time, especially with the unprecedented interest following the approval of Spot Bitcoin ETF.” Telyatnikov sees cryptocurrency as a transformative force for financial inclusion, highlighting its impact in countries like El Salvador, which has initiated programs to “bank the unbanked.”

Under Telyatnikov’s leadership, AlphaPoint has become a crucial player in providing digital asset infrastructure, revolutionizing cryptocurrency trading and digital wallets across over 35 countries and supporting 10 million users. His experience includes collaboration with high-profile projects and partnerships, such as the development of El Salvador’s Chivo Wallet into a national bitcoin ecosystem.

AlphaPoint’s role extends beyond just powering crypto exchanges; it is at the forefront of enabling a broad spectrum of customers in 35 countries to launch and operate crypto markets, including pioneering the first nationalized crypto ecosystem in El Salvador. Telyatnikov emphasizes the nascent stage of cryptocurrency adoption, reminding industry veterans and newcomers alike, “We are still early, with a long way to go to widespread adoption.”

Through his work, Telyatnikov contributes to global financial innovation, underscoring the importance of cryptocurrency in building a more inclusive financial ecosystem. His vision and AlphaPoint’s technology are instrumental in shaping the future of finance, marking significant strides towards the broader acceptance and utilization of digital assets worldwide.

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