In the past decade, Florida has seen an explosion of growth, seeing an additional 3.1 million residents. This surge in population is larger than the population of 17 states. This is seen in smaller cities like Tavares and Palm Springs but seen more heavily in major cities like Miami. But, the factors driving this growth are incredibly contemporary, namely the COVID-19 pandemic.

Post Pandemic Moves

One consequence of the COVID-19 lockdown is remote work has become commonplace, which enables much greater employee flexibility. For instance, they can be working in New York or California while enjoying the temperate, sunny climate that Florida has to offer. The warmer climate is just one perk residents enjoy, as Florida also has no state income tax and a lower cost of living. Consequently, this allows for more people to thrive in the Sunshine State, ultimately resulting in much greater cultural diversity.

But, remote work isn’t the only technological buzz in Florida, as the Sunshine State is becoming a tech hotspot. Companies like HP and Oracle hope to take advantage of the diverse talent pool cultivated in Florida. This talent pool is not only from its cultural diversity, but from its academic propensity. Major tech universities such as University of Miami and Florida International University help to create a place for young and passionate tech innovators.


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Why Are So Many People Moving to Florida?