Neopets, the virtual pet website launched in 1999, is entering a fresh phase under new management. The original team behind Neopets has formed an independent company and is spearheading efforts to modernize and rejuvenate the game. Dominic Law, CEO of World of Neopia, Inc., shared this news, promising an exciting “new era” for the game that was once a sensation in the early days of the internet.

Traffic and User Engagement on Neopets

Neopets’ age and outdated design haven’t deterred a significant number of users from regularly visiting the site. According to Law, Neopets retains a robust user base with nearly a million active users every month, a figure that has remained consistent over the years. These users, Law asserts, form a highly dedicated and loyal community, a strong indication that the site’s relevance endures despite its age.

Neopet's new homepage
Neopet’s new homepage

Neopets’ New Direction and Homepage

To streamline the Neopets experience, the team is focusing on uniting different projects under one umbrella. The aim is to create a unified, team-oriented experience for users. To kickstart these efforts, a new homepage launched on Thursday, promising a refreshed user interface.

Addressing Technical Issues and Updating Games

A major part of this overhaul involves addressing a series of technical issues, often referred to as “tech debt.” This includes correcting broken links and reanimating older games that were built on Adobe Flash, which are set to be playable again from July 25th with the help of the Ruffle emulator.

Relaunching and Releasing New Games

The Neopets team also plans to relaunch the Island Builders mobile game and is working on a new 3D open-world game, the World of Neopets. Updates for Neopets: Faerie’s Hope, a match-three mobile puzzle game, are also on the agenda. However, the layout of the classic Neopets browser game will remain untouched.

Departing from Metaverse and NFT Projects

One significant change in the Neopets strategy is the decision to move away from the Neopets Metaverse game and to put other projects involving Web3 and blockchain technologies on hold. While the Neopets team is open to exploring new technologies as an intellectual property, Law clarified that such plans aren’t currently in the pipeline.

Neopets’ Future Goals and Revenue Strategies

Law outlined a clear vision for the future of Neopets. The long-term goal is to revive and expand the Neopets brand over the next 25 years, making it relevant for future generations. To sustain these efforts, the team must find a way for Neopets to be financially self-sufficient. Currently, Neopets generates revenue through various means such as sales of Neocash virtual currency, advertising revenue from its website, and licensing revenue from its merchandise.

Attracting Previous Users

Law acknowledged the power of nostalgia in attracting users back to the platform, suggesting they could revisit their virtual pets and the games they enjoyed in their youth. However, he also emphasized the importance of the upcoming Neopets games to keep the interest of returning users.

New Leadership and Independence for Neopets

Neopets is transitioning into a new phase. The Neopets team is focused on reviving the beloved classic game while introducing modern elements, all while striving for sustainable, independent operation.