Strategy Achievers Introduces New PR and Media Service for Start-ups

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Cheyenne, Wyoming–(Hexa PR Wire –May 17, 2023)–Strategy Achievers has unveiled a new public relations service, an offering developed with an understanding of the specific requirements of start-ups and small businesses.

Tailored Services for Emerging Companies

Led by Pascal Bachmann, the newly launched service covers an array of PR solutions, such as media relations, content development, and crisis management. Each offering is customized according to the unique needs of the client. With a decade of experience in the industry, Strategy Achievers aims to assist start-ups in cultivating their brand and developing a reputable presence in their respective markets.

A Spectrum of Business Solutions

Alongside the new PR service, Strategy Achievers continues to offer a variety of business strategy and marketing solutions, such as branding and market research, aiming to provide comprehensive support for burgeoning businesses.

About the Founder: Pascal Bachmann

Pascal Bachmann, the founder of Strategy Achievers, is a strategist and entrepreneur. His early career was rooted in martial arts, having reached a professional level at the young age of 18. However, a subsequent accident in Thailand cut his athletic career short.

Pascal Bachmann, Founder of Strategy Achievers Photo credit: Pascal Bachmann, with permission. Pascal Bachmann, founder of Strategy Achievers.

Bachmann transitioned into the world of entrepreneurship, developing a portfolio of private and public ventures across a wide spectrum of industries, such as eCommerce, digital agencies, fitness, wellness hotels, software, franchising, real estate, private equity, and investment funds.

Bachmann’s resilience can be traced back to a challenging upbringing in Switzerland. Growing up in an orphanage with his two brothers, he financed his dream of competing for a world title in Taekwondo by undertaking a variety of jobs. Following an abrupt end to his martial arts career, Bachmann pivoted towards entrepreneurship.


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