In an important development for the cryptocurrency industry, Ripple Labs emerged victorious in its litigation against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Thursday. The lawsuit, instituted by the SEC in December 2020, proposed that Ripple’s introduction of its XRP token was an unregistered security. The presiding judge in the Southern District of New York delivered a ruling diverging from the SEC’s viewpoint, stating that XRP is a security only in institutional sales but not in transactions involving the general public.

Subsequent to the legal determination, Ripple’s XRP token experienced an uptick of approximately 75%, with its price nearing 82 cents. This event initiated movement in other areas of the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin, the most prominent cryptocurrency, reached its highest value in a year, and Ethereum’s price approached the $2,000 mark. Furthermore, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase’s value rose by 25% after early trading on Thursday.


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Ethereum and Bitcoin

Revised Expectations for Bitcoin and Ethereum

Following these market changes, London-based financial institution Standard Chartered revised its expectations for Bitcoin, forecasting it to reach $50,000 within the year and a new peak of $120,000 by 2024’s end. Ethereum also noted significant movement, trading around $1,990 on Thursday and temporarily exceeding the $2,000 threshold.

Investment Strategies in the Cryptocurrency Sphere

Despite the cryptocurrency market’s volatile nature, certain investment strategies remain critical. These include knowing when to sell, managing losses effectively, securing profits in a timely manner, and being prepared for potential rebounds. Interestingly, cryptocurrencies have not acted as hedges against inflation as initially assumed; instead, they have shown a closer correlation with broader market indexes.

Legal Face-Off – Ripple Labs vs SEC

Ripple Labs’ victory over the SEC has influenced cryptocurrency prices. With the inherent volatility of the cryptocurrency market, vigilance is vital for all participants, including investors, traders, and market observers. Whether the correlation between legal outcomes and cryptocurrency price movements will persist is yet to be seen. Future developments may bring new patterns to light, adding to the complexity of the digital asset trading environment.