The Royal Family’s official website,, fell victim to a cyber attack in the form of a Denial of Service (DDoS) assault. On Sunday, the website experienced a disruption that lasted approximately 90 minutes. Although the attack caused inconvenience to visitors, a royal source has clarified that it did not result in any unauthorized access to the website’s systems or content.

The Nature of a DDoS Attack

A DDoS attack is characterized by an overwhelming influx of traffic directed at a website, causing its server to become overloaded and consequently disrupting its regular functioning. In this instance, the attack was not a hack, and no data breach or system compromise occurred.

Uncertainty Surrounding Attribution

As is often the case with cyber attacks, the identity of the perpetrators remains uncertain. While a Russian hacker group known as KillNet claimed responsibility for the incident on their Telegram channel, this assertion has not been definitively corroborated. KillNet is known for its affiliation with pro-Russian sentiments and previous cyber activities targeting government institutions and private companies worldwide.

King Charles’s Previous Remarks

The timing of the cyber attack is noteworthy, occurring shortly after King Charles publicly condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. His unequivocal support for Ukraine’s stance had garnered significant attention and acclaim. This raises questions about whether the attack was politically motivated, although a clear motive remains elusive.

Ongoing Investigation

In light of the incident, an investigation is currently underway to ascertain the precise origins and motivations behind the cyber attack. Cybersecurity experts are diligently analyzing the situation, considering potential links between KillNet and high-ranking individuals within the Russian regime.

KillNet’s Track Record

KillNet has previously targeted the Royal Family’s website with a DDoS attack in November 2022, resulting in several hours of website downtime. This indicates a recurring interest in disrupting the online presence of the Royal Family.

The Royal Family’s Support for Ukraine

The Royal Family has maintained a stance of support for Ukraine throughout the conflict. King Charles hosted talks with Ukrainian President Zelensky at Buckingham Palace earlier in the year. Additionally, Prince William visited Ukraine’s border with Poland to personally express gratitude to troops, while Catherine, Princess of Wales, paid tribute to the Ukrainian people through her performance at Eurovision. The Royal Family has also provided shelter to refugees fleeing the Ukrainian war.

A Focus on Cybersecurity

The incident underscores the importance of robust cybersecurity measures for high-profile websites and institutions. It serves as a reminder of the vulnerability of digital assets to malicious cyber activities.