In an effort to bring the next 100 million users to Web3, blockchain-powered game STEPN is implementing Apple Pay for in-game purchases. By incorporating this mainstream payment service, STEPN plans to eliminate the requirement of connecting a crypto wallet, thus reducing the barriers for new players to join the game. STEPN’s COO, Shiti Manghani, voiced to CoinDesk about the significance of this move, expressing his pride in being the first blockchain game to adopt Apple Pay.

Expansion of User Base

STEPN hopes to grow its user base by reaching out to a wider audience. According to Dune Analytics, although STEPN had a peak of over 700,000 monthly active users in May 2022, it has witnessed a decline to about 23,000. Therefore, this integration is considered a key strategy for attracting more users.

Hybrid Web2 and Web3 Approach

Jerry Huang, co-founder of Find Satoshi Labs, the organization behind STEPN, mentioned the importance of leveraging a hybrid of Web2 and Web3 technologies to attract more users to the ecosystem. According to Huang, the integration of Apple Pay is a step toward ensuring that the Web3 space reaches mainstream adoption.

Preceding Initiatives

Before this Apple Pay integration, Find Satoshi Labs had launched its native NFT marketplace MOOAR to facilitate users to acquire in-game assets within the app. Also, in Q2 2022, STEPN had declared $123 million in profits.

First in Blockchain Gaming: STEPN’s Apple Pay Integration

STEPN, a product of Find Satoshi Lab, has established its place in the market by becoming the first move-to-earn app to be featured on the App Store. This blockchain gaming app saw a massive rise in user engagement, with a peak of over 705,000 active users. However, despite a decline in active users, the company continues to innovate, aiming to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 technologies.

Simplified Access to STEPN

The integration of Apple Pay will help users transact within the app without linking a crypto wallet. Users will be able to add their credit or debit card information to their Apple Wallets, thereby increasing the convenience and security of transactions.

Yawn Rong, the co-founder of FSL, expressed his excitement regarding the Apple Pay integration. Rong sees this move as a significant stride toward making Web3 technology more accessible to mainstream users.

In recent months, STEPN has announced several collaborations with high-profile brands, marking a trend of cross-industry partnerships among Web3 brands. The goal is to gain traction among non-crypto-native consumers, and it seems like STEPN is paving the way.