GKIDS and ⁣Fathom ⁣Events have recently announced the lineup ⁤for Studio Ghibli Fest‍ 2024, which is packed with ​gems. This year’s festival will feature ‌14 ​films and⁣ is not limited to the works‍ of Hayao Miyazaki. It will ⁢also showcase movies directed by Isao⁣ Takahata, Yoshifumi Kondo, Hiroyuki Morita, and‌ Hiromasa​ Yonebayashi. The festival will ⁢kick off with Spirited Away on April 27 and conclude in December with My⁢ Neighbor Totoro.‌ The films‍ will be screened⁤ in select AMC and Regal theaters across the US, with a few dates for each title in both ⁣Japanese‍ and English dubbed versions.

Studio Ghibli ‌Fest 2024 Lineup

The full list of films⁢ to be screened includes: Spirited Away (April 27-May 1), Nausicaä​ of the ⁢Valley of ‍the Wind ⁢(May 19 and 21), Castle in the Sky (May 20 and⁤ 22), The ‍Secret World of Arrietty (June 9 and 11), When Marnie Was There (June 10 ​and ⁣12),⁢ Princess⁣ Mononoke (July 13-17), ​Ponyo (August 3-7), Whisper of the Heart (August 25 and 27), The Cat Returns (August 26 and ⁢28), Howl’s ​Moving Castle (September 26-October 3), Kiki’s ​Delivery ‌Service (October‍ 26-30), Pom Poko (November 24 and 26),⁤ The Tale of ⁣the Princess‍ Kaguya‍ (November 25 and 27), ​and My Neighbor Totoro (December 7-11).

Many fans are already excited about the prospect of watching Nausicaä and Princess⁤ Kaguya on the ‌big screen. According to ‍the ⁤announcement, ⁢there will also be “surprise special extra content.”