WWE digital collectibles on Panini, Sports Illustrated NFT tickets on Avalanche: Nifty Newsletter

WWE digital collectibles on Panini, Sports Illustrated NFT tickets on Avalanche: Nifty Newsletter

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In this week’s newsletter, find out why Sports Illustrated is moving its nonfungible token (NFT) tickets to Avalanche and how NFT IDs in the Mocaverse are being streamlined. Read about World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) releasing a digital collection on the Panini Blockchain and Yuga Labs’ acquisition of Proof. 

Sports Illustrated moves NFT ticketing platform to Avalanche

Sports Illustrated’s NFT ticketing platform, Box Office, moved to the Avalanche network on Feb. 20. SI Tickets, the ticketing arm of Sports Illustrated, announced that it is collaborating with Ava Labs, the developers behind Avalanche. With the new partnership, Box Office’s NFT tickets will now be minted in the Avalanche network.

SI Tickets CEO David Lane shared that NFT ticketing will change the game for tickets, that only usually end up in the trash after being used in events. With NFT tickets, Lane believes there could be more engagement opportunities for event owners and attendees.

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Animoca’s Mocaverse, KuCoin to streamline cross-platform identity

Mocaverse’s nontransferable NFT digital identity called “Moca ID,” KuCoin’s user accounts and Halo’s Genesis membership pass will be combined to streamline on-chain identity in Web3. On Feb. 15, Animoca Brands’ Mocaverse, crypto exchange KuCoin and Web3 wallet Halo announced a collaborative effort for digital identity.

According to a spokesperson from KuCoin, Web3 sub-ecosystems like trading, digital collectibles and the metaverse “operate somewhat independently.” Because of this, accessing benefits across the ecosystem may be challenging, and the initiative between the three entities is attempting to solve this issue.

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WWE gets digital Donruss Elite cards on Panini blockchain

Collectible firm Panini announced the launch of a digital Donruss Elite card set on the Panini Blockchain. The card set will include WWE superstars like John Cena, Steve Austin, Roman Reigns and more.

This isn’t WWE’s first entry into NFTs. The wrestling entertainment company and actor and wrestler John Cena released a series of NFT collections in 2021 featuring benefits like front-row tickets to Wrestlemania for the highest bidder.

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Weekend Wrap: Yuga gets Proof, bank’s alleged secret lending to SBF and more

NFT company Yuga Labs announced the successful acquisition of Proof, the creators of NFT collections Moonbirds, Oddities, Mythics and Grails. Proof’s assets, intellectual property and team members will now work for Yuga Labs. In addition, Kevin Rose, Proof’s founder and CEO, will now work with Yuga Labs as an adviser.

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