Web3 represents not just technological advancement but also a new paradigm of thinking. Leading the charge are young entrepreneurs with fresh perspectives and innovative strategies. In this article, we spotlight their journeys, underscoring the tactics that have led to their achievements.

Anna Tutova: CEO of Coinstelegram

Anna Tutova, CEO of Coinstelegram
Anna Tutova, CEO of Coinstelegram

Anna Tutova, the CEO of Coinstelegram, ventured into the crypto industry in 2017, initially with limited knowledge. Her tenacity led her to immerse herself in numerous conferences and events worldwide, ranging from tech and financial to investment forums. This dedicated networking approach enabled Anna to establish strong personal relationships within the industry, some of whom later became clients. A pivotal moment in her journey occurred when she met her current co-Founder at an international conference in 2018. This meeting led to Anna’s involvement in the development of Coinstelegram, a crypto-media group, and subsequently broadening their services to PR consulting, influencer marketing campaigns, and community management.

Anna credits her success to the strength of personal connections, primarily developed through extensive networking at various events and the conscious effort to build her personal brand. Over time, her engagement in such events has resulted in numerous collaborations, including the launch of the YouTube channel – White Crypto. The channel provides a platform for Anna to interact with industry leaders, enabling her to further solidify her position in the crypto space. Additionally, Anna’s involvement in the production of the documentary film “Decentralized – No Matter What” has further amplified her footprint in the digital economy arena.

LinkedIn: Anna Tutova
Twitter: @anna_tutova


Matthew Schneider: CEO & Co-Founder of e-States

Matthew Schneider, CEO & Co-Founder of e-States
Matthew Schneider, CEO & Co-Founder of e-States

Matthew Schneider is the 21-year-old CEO and Co-Founder of e-States, a platform that utilizes blockchain and AI for commercial real estate investing. As a former stock market trader and published author, Matthew’s diverse background also spans roles in project management, asset tokenization, and FinTech. Outside of his professional endeavors, Matthew has interests in music production and weightlifting.

Matthew shares that his key strategy for success while building his business is using strategic UI/UX to soften technology learning curves. e-States initially faced challenges with its blockchain-based user interface, which many in the commercial real estate sector found confusing. To address this, the company revamped its UI/UX, simplifying its messaging and placing an emphasis on user experience over technological complexity. The results were evident: the streamlined interface and clearer value proposition significantly improved user feedback and propelled the company’s growth.

Facebook: Matthew Schneider
LinkedIn: Matthew Schneider
Instagram: @realmattschneider

Javier Olivares Gonzalez: CEO of Web 3 Sapiens

Javier Olivares Gonzalez, CEO of Web 3 Sapiens
Javier Olivares Gonzalez, CEO of Web 3 Sapiens

Javier Olivares Gonzalez stands at the helm of Web 3 Sapiens, a marketing agency with a specific focus on web3. With his previous experience in crypto and marketing at Reddit, he fused his expertise to carve a unique niche for his agency in the rapidly evolving world of Web3.

In the nascent stages of Web3 Sapiens, Javier recognized a golden opportunity with the advent of Reddit’s NFT avatars. Leveraging his existing ties with Reddit and understanding of the platform, he pivoted his agency’s services to offer specialized Reddit marketing for crypto-centric projects. This move was a game-changer for Web3 Sapiens. By recognizing a gap in the market, his agency addressed a service that was in high demand but faced a lack of proficiency.

LinkedIn: Javier Olivares Gonzalez

Ovidiu Cical: CEO & Co-founder of Cyscale

Ovidiu Cical, CEO & Co-founder of Cyscale
Ovidiu Cical, CEO & Co-founder of Cyscale

Ovidiu Cical is the CEO & Co-founder of Cyscale, a company that specializes in helping businesses establish and maintain their Cloud Security Program. With over 15 years of experience in information technology, cloud computing, and other areas, Cical has a broad range of expertise in the industry.

Ovidiu has embraced the concept of micro-tipping in his Web3 initiatives. This involves offering clients small monetary rewards for accomplishing simple tasks, effectively turning them into active advocates for his company. The tasks could range from verifying their identity via a selfie video to posting images or reviews of themselves using Cyscale’s services on social media platforms. The goal of this strategy is to encourage word-of-mouth marketing and thereby attract new clients.

LinkedIn: Ovidiu Cical
Twitter: @OvidiuCical

The insights and narratives shared by these entrepreneurs not only chart the current trajectory of the Web3 sector but also point to its vast potential. It remains a space to watch, with its ever-evolving landscape and limitless possibilities.